Tuesday, 2 May 2017

1080p Sports Camera Review - Sent by Didobuy

I was sent this gadget by Didobuy for an un-paid, non biased review. 


Very fast, turned up within 2 days and the outer packaging was in great condition, the package inside was also in good condition. 




The 'Sports Cam' as its called comes in one box with the camera on show through a plastic window.   Once you take the camera out you will find the battery already inside the camera, it won’t have any charge and will need to be charged for 2 hours before use.  
The camera does not come with a MicroSD card but does require one to record video and take pictures, i have used a standard class10 4GB card for this test and found it to work without issues. 
The microphone on this camera is not that great and as such will need some volume adding to it in the video editing process, I did find i had to enable the audio through the camera's main menu as the first load of video i recorded had no sound.   

Camera - Waterproof Case

The Sports Cam comes with a waterproof case that allows up to 30 meters of waterproof filming.  I can confirm that the case keeps the camera totally dry, I would recommend drying off the waterproof casing before removing the camera.  The quality and clarity underwater is good although the mic doesn’t pick up sound very well.  In this test I kept the camera underwater for 10 minutes.    


There are also a load of accessories that come with the camera including:-
  1. 1 x Waterproof camera housing
  2. 1 x Back mounting clip 
  3. 1 x Handle bar / Pole Mount
  4. 1 x Helmet Base clip
  5. 1 x Other mount
  6. 2 x Sticky backed mats
  7. 1 x Battery
  8. 1 x User Manual
  9. 4 x Velcro straps
  10. 1 x USB Cable.   

So far I have used this camera solid for a day and have found it to be really useful and a good replacement to me taking my big video camera out.  The battery holds a good charge, the back of the box states 1.5 hours of life but so far i have used it for approx 2 hours and am 3/4 the way through it.  Sound is clear but low, make sure you enable audio in the menu before use. 

Video      8/10
Sound     6/10
Battery    9/10

For the price you cannot go wrong with this little GoPro clone.

Unboxing Pictures