Saturday, 10 December 2016

JXD 510G FPV and Altitude Hold Quadcopter Drone Review


This drone has been made by X-Predators but the interior set up is the same as the JXD 509G, well, as this quad is the 509’s brother then you might expect it to have some similarities.   Everything is tightly packaged so care is needed when you remove the sellotape that holds everything in and together.   Most of the assembly had already been completed leaving just the propeller guards, should you choose to attach them then the accessory bags included hold all etc screws needed, others things found in the accessory bags:-
4 x Spare blades 
1 x USB charger
1 x Screwdriver
4 x Propeller guards
1 x USB card reader

Before we can take to the skies, the battery (found in the back compartment) needs to be removed and charged.  Charging time via the USB charger can be between 50-55 minutes.


Now we just need to insert the battery in the back compartment and plug it into the 2 pin connector then click the compartment shut.   There is a small ‘on' switch under the quadcopter, move this to the correct position then turn on the transmitter and move the left analogue stick up and down once to bind the transmitter to the quadcopter and push the ‘on’ button, the rotors will now start to power up.  
To start the flight i prefer to push the copter to a medium altitude then start the video.  As this quadcopter has altitude hold it makes flying easy, balanced, and manoeuvrable, even landing is easy as the decent is controlled.  Overall this quadcopter is excellent for beginners but to be honest it doesn’t offer anything different than the 509, this upgrade is certainly cosmetic, never the less this quad is such fun.

Things i would have liked to have seen  

  • Slightly larger back, for a higher capacity battery 
  • Better quality camera
  • Smaller transmitter

Verdict = 8/10

POSITIVES = New cosmetic styling, stable as ever, as much fun as the JXD 509G 
NEGATIVES = Needs a bigger battery, needs more than just cosmetic changes.

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