Saturday, 31 December 2016

Cheerson CX-10W FPV Nano Quadcopter Drone Flight Test Review

Standard Cheerson CX-10 video is at the bottom 


The box for this quad is very small, intact it is 8.3 CMs squared, there are a few reasons for its smaller size. The main and first one of them is this quad is controlled by your smart device and as such doesn’t have a transmitter to take up the rest of the room, and the second reason is as this drone is a nano copter and is on the smaller scale.
There is however a small accessory bag inside the box, this includes:-

4 x Spare Propellers
1 x paper manual
1 x USB Charger (Not included in my box)

The battery will take 1 hour 30 minutes to charge, however it is rated to do so in 50 minutes but i found my flight only lasted 4 minutes. Maximum flight time on a 1 hour 30 minute charge is 7 minutes. 


I was looking forward to this flight as the standard Cheerson CX-10 is pretty fun, this however is not. Once the drone has been connected to the Wi-Fi on your smart device you are ready for take off, I found as long as the video isn’t recording when you take off the quad flies well, stable and is easy to control.  If the video is recording i found the quad to be quite slow to turn, accelerate, increase altitude, decrease altitude no matter what speed setting the quad is on.
I flew for a while with gyroscope enabled on my smart device and the quad responded ok, but any tight corners can be tricky, turning this off and controlling with the left and right paddles made the quad a lot more responsive.

Flight time was a total of 7 minutes.


Verdict = 4/10   —     POSITIVES = small and very portable, FPV camera, no transmitter to carry, flight is quite stable.  —   NEGATIVES = Desperatley needs a bigger battery, video recording effects flights if on when you take off, gyroscope flight doesn’t work well.

Normal Cheerson CX-10

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