Saturday, 4 March 2017

UDI U28W Peregrine Nano Quadcopter Drone


The box is quite large, there is a lot going on when it comes to the diagrams on the box.  When you open the box and take the internal packaging out the first thing that you will notice is how well laid out everything is.  In the accessory bags you get the following:-

8 x spare propellers
1 x propeller removal tool 
1 x USB charger
1 x battery
4 x propeller guards
1 x FPV sun visor.


I was so looking forward to flying this copter, It bound to the transmitter very easily although it would not connect to the FPV although would connect to the WiFi.  When i first took off the quadcopter took off and held an altitude of approx 1.5 meters, it flew around well, then lost connection with the transmitter and it took a dive.  This would happen another 6 times during flight which makes it quite dangerous at any sort of distance.  

On the whole in a straight line the copter flies very very well, but unfortunately when it comes to turning it falls down massively.  I will be taking this drone out again for another flight in the near future.

Overall - 5/10  

Positives - Small form factor, well built, flies very well in a straight line. 

Negatives - FPV would’t connect, glides off on its own, keeps on disconnecting from transmitter, 

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