Sunday, 12 March 2017

UDI U32 Inverted Flight Quadcopter Drone Test


The box is relatively small and once again as we have seen with other UDI copters, inside the box we have a very neatly put together arrangement, included in the box is:-

1 x Quadcopter
1 x Transmitter
1 x Manual

There is a small accessory pack also that includes:-

4 x spare propellers
1 x USB battery charger


Having the two batteries means this quadcopters flight time has doubled, giving approximately 20 minutes total.  I found that flying this drone was quite difficult to begin with but after approx 5 minutes I was used to it and it was zooming around.  One of the main points of this drone was for it to fly upside down and flip around in mid air, this is accomplished very easily and the quadcopter handles it very well.  

Overall 7/10  

Positive - Well built, light, powerful motors, comes with 2 batteries, 3D stunts work very well, inverted flight works very well   

Negative - Not the easiest to fly for beginners, LEDs not easiest to see which direction the copter is facing.

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