Saturday, 7 January 2017

JJRC H37 Elfie Selfie Quadcopter Drone with FPV, altitude hold, and folding arms.


This box is small and packaging is minimal which is a refreshing change, once the box is opened the drone is waiting for you inside its snug plastic bag wrap.   Under the quad is a small accessory pack which contains:-

4 x spare propellers
4 x spare propeller motor cogs
1 x manual
1 x USB charging plug

Along side all those goodies is a small velvet quadcopter carry bag, this is great for taking your drone out with you and keeping it tidy, clean and in one piece.

Charging will take approx 50 mins to 1 hour, flight time is between 6 to 10 minutes.


We have changed location this week, and we are now in the Woods instead of the park.   I was dead excited to be taking this quadcopter out it very much appealed.   We started off, found our take off point, did our pre flight checks, bound the copter to our smart device, and opened the JJRC app, now with the touch of the ‘up' arrow we were airborne.   A lot of trim was needed to stabilise this quad as even with us setting up the gyros we were pulling to the right, badly.   Now we were set up and all good to go i could see what this quad was made of.  The speed as standard was set to 30% (Novice) so i increased this to 60% then 100% i was shocked to see that even at 100% there wasn’t a massive difference in speed.   Video was recording all this time, i started with the lens pointing straight forward then changed to a downward perspective, one thing that really stood out then flying was the noise from the motors, so loud doesn’t really cut it, this thing screams! 
All in all as a straight flying quad it holds up quite well, as a photo or video quad it is terrible!  All video footage is dark, no sound and very grainy.   The photos just came out black.  There are examples of this in the flight videos. 

Total flight time was approx 8 minutes on one charge.


Verdict 5/10 

Positives - Drone folds away, very small, very light, flies well once trim is used to balance, altitude hold works very well, LEDs are bright.

Negatives - Camera is terrible, flips not compatible with model, very loud motors, 

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