Saturday, 28 January 2017

DJI Phantom 4 Quadcopter Drone


As this quadcopter was lent to us by NFoxTV i couldn’t unbox the cardboard housing but luckily the quadcopter comes in 2 boxes, an external cardboard one and a polystyrene, hinged, and lockable box that is used when carrying the copter outside.
Once the lock is in the unlocked position and the box is opened the quadcopter and accessories are laid out right in front of you, the quadcopter is in the middle, battery to the left, propellers to the right, transmitter to the top, manuals to the bottom and some accessory cables (micro USB) in the top left of the box.  All in all, a very neat layout.


There aren’t a lot of assembly steps required here, what is required (in no particular order):-

  1. Attach propellers - silver dot on propeller to silver dot on quad and black dot on propeller to black dot on quad.  Once placed onto of the motor arms, twist and they lock into position.
  2. Attach battery
  3. Unlock gimbal and camera from its housing. 


These drones are automatically linked to their transmitter, all that needed to be done is to attach phone to the holder, plug in USB cable charger, open the DJI GO app on our smart device and touch the take off button.  
I must admit this drone not being mine had me quite apprehensive so i worked out how far i was going to take it and kept within that range.  Having never flown a Phantom before its stability astounded me.  The camera records at a maximum resolution of 4K it can be turned down to 1080p if required.
The battery is another incredible feature, its high capacity means you get 20 minutes of flight time and with the very bright LEDs on the battery meter you can see from quite a long way away, of course you can see how much flight time you have left from the DJI GO app.
Landing the drone is so easy also, the decent is very controlled and within a few seconds the copter is safely on the ground, to switch off the motors pull the left analogue stick all the way down until you hear a click.

An excellent quadcopter for Beginners, Intermediates or Advanced fliers, also can be used in the professional sector for film making.

Overall 9.8/10  

Positive - Amazingly polished design, light, well balanced when battery is added, flight is incredibly smooth, motors are incredibly powerful,  

Negative - obstacle sensors only on front and underneath, no smart device chargers included, oversized transmitter

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