Saturday, 14 January 2017

UDI U42W Auto Take Off + FPV Quadcopter Drone Flight Test Review


The box is pretty standard with a nice big high quality picture of the drone on the side, by removing one of the flaps at the top of the box a small plastic insert can be pulled out containing the quadcopter and transmitter.     Dotted around inside the box are some small accessory bags that contain the following:-

1 x Screwdriver
1 x set of screws 
4 x spare propellers
4 x propeller guards
1 x USB battery charger
1 x FPV sun shield
2 x Landing Sprigs
1 x spare battery (2 in total)

The only parts that needed to be attached were the two landing sprigs, this took approximately 3 minutes and teh 4 screws were included inside the springs themselves.
Charging took 1 hour per battery, flight time should be 10 minutes each battery.


The flight was incredibly smooth from the get go, its automatic take off function worked fantastically well first time and i was astounded when i landed her and the motors automatically shut off.  The drones altitude hold feature is again excellent this barometer seemed to be a bit more technically advanced as even on the most still day there is still some movement, with this there was not.  The movement of the quadcopter  is very smooth, no jerking or sudden movements at all.


Verdict 8.8/10 

Positives - Good Design, Bright colours and LEDs, Incredibly stable flight, good altitude hold feature, FPV, transmitter or app control.   

Negatives - Small battery bay making it hard to replace battery, no GPS.

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