Saturday, 26 November 2016

HuaJun U-Fly W606-3 Quadcopter Drone


I have had a pretty bad experience with the delivery of this product, I found it in the pouring rain sitting behind my house perimeter wall 2 days after it had been delivered.  Needless to say there was no delivery note, and the box was badly water damaged in the corners, there was also an issue with the tops of the quadcopters propellers breaking through the soft cardboard, this scared the quadcopters propeller paint.   This negativity is headed towards the delivery company, i do not blame the seller.


The box is very large and inside holds a polystyrene bed which within contains the Quadcopter, Transmitter, accessory bag and manual.   Inside the accessory bag is the following:-

1 x Mains Charger
1 x Travel Adapter plug (UK Plug)
4 x Spare Propellers
2 x landing sprigs
1 x phillips screwdriver
1 x bag of screws for landing sprigs
1 x spare bag of screws for propellers 

The copter is very large but doesn’t weigh as much as you would think for a copter of its size, The only parts i needed to put together were the landing sprigs, all propellers had the screws already fitted, i did however just go around with the screwdriver and check them to make sure I found them to be of acceptable tightness before i took the copter out to fly.


I decided on a very early flight this morning so i could take advantage of the extra bright LEDs, i was not disappointed.  Once i had taken off i was aware this copters motors seemed to be underpowered for the size of the drone and some adjustments had to be made to my flying technique to accommodate this, after around 1 to 2 minutes I was quickly getting used to the unique flying style of this copter and found cornering, accelerating, and landing much easier than before.
I was interested in using the altitude hold feature, as this one is different being a button and not part of the left hand analogue throttle.  This made the whole experience a lot different to what i am used to.  Once the button has been pressed the position is locked instead of held meaning you can’t increase or decrease your altitude but you are able to move forward and back giving you a lot less to think about and a more fun experience flying, a definite plus!


Verdict = Overall 7.5/10      ——      POSITIVES = Looks good, Very bright LEDs, Altitude Hold works very well, High capacity battery, light transmitter, very sturdy propellers and propeller arms.     --     NEGATIVES = Plastic lid unclips too easily, copter feels underpowered in flight.

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