Saturday, 19 November 2016

SPACEBUG GT-JZ003-U Quadcopter Drone Flight Test Review

A standard brown cardboard box that has some really nice design printing greets you, inside is a plastic bed that holds the copter and 
transmitter as well as a small accessory bag.  Inside the accessory bag is the following:-

4 x Space propellers
1 x USB charger - although in my package this was missing.

The drone is fully assembled and as such means after a 50 minute charge you can start to fly, this copter can be flown inside and out.
The drone will allow approx 8 minutes of flight time.


The flight started off very well, the copter seemed to be responsive albeit very very slow to turn around, this however changed after 3 minutes of flying.  
I found the copter started to pull to one side so i applied a bit of trim and then the quadcopter spiralled out of control and hit the floor, fortunately it wasn’t travelling at full chat or very high.
I picked the quad up off the floor and noticed the left propeller arm was slightly bent, i gently moved that back into the correct position and started to fly again.  Something didn’t feel right when i took to the air again, so i took it slow and didn’t make any fast movements and surely enough it feel unresponsive and dropped out of the sky.

Overall 4/10

POSITIVES = Looks good, very quiet, unique transmitter style, good protective casing       

NEGATIVES = Quite fragile be careful of the propeller arms when landing, hard to control, turning is very slow 

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