Sunday, 13 November 2016

Hubsan X4 Desire H502E - GPS, Return To Home, and large battery make this drone a MUST BUY!


Boxed with heavy duty cardboard you can be rest assured this package is going to travel well. Once it gets to you and you open the box you will be greeted with a warning sign alerting you to the problem of flying without enough satellites, as this quadcopter has GPS built in, i was quite impressed by this. Unfolding the 2 flaps reveals the quadcopter on top of the internal space diving petitions, under the copter is the transmitter, once again, with a warning attached to it explaining about the issues faced with flying without the minimum amount of satellites (6). Along side that is a spare part box which contains the following:- 8 x propellers - 4 x spare 1 x USB charger 8 x screws 1 x Philips screwdriver Underneath the copter is a mini SD card slot, although no SD card is provided, so you will need to buy one separately. Now we have removed all parts out of the box, lets start on the assembly. Assembly - See photos below. This quadcopter requires a small amount of assembly, this only consists of attaching the propellers, although that is quite a fiddly job. On the propeller, next to the Letter ‘A’ or ‘B’ you will notice a small mark that looks like ‘ I ‘ this matches a small ridge on the propeller arm. As long as they both match then the propeller will screw in with ease, repeat this method for the other propellers.

Compass Calibration


Once the compass has been calibrated, and over 6 satellites locked on the copter is ready to take to the skies, as with most flights they can start off quite shaky, while the quad was getting its bearings (literally). I found there was a whirlpool effect making the copter sway slightly from side to side, fortunately I found the more i flew, the more stable the copter got.
This quad isn’t fast but does move at quite a steady pace, and shifting to ‘expert’ mode (mode 2) the speed increases but is still very manageable, really opening this drone up to Beginners, Intermediate, and Advanced fliers Whilst piloting i notice the transmitter being really comfortable in hand, and with the added altitude meters built in you get a real sense of being up in the clouds with the quad. The in place camera isn’t great at shooting video, its slightly whitewashed, and the resolution is quite poor but it doesn’t get affected by the usual jello effect as its built in to the body and not hanging under the copter. 

Overall 8.5/10

POSITIVES = Stylish design, built very sturdy, GPS stability, built in camera, 12 minute battery life, great feeling transmitter, altitude meter built in.
NEGATIVES = You need to stop the video before turning off the controller or you loose the video, waiting for satellites can take up to 10 minutes to complete

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Hubsan H502E


Hubsan H502E

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