Monday, 12 September 2016

JJRC H26D with motorized gimble and 2.0 Megapixel Camera Quadcopter


This box is huge! there is slight damage to the outer box but upon closer inspection (after removing the box) the quadcopter is unscathed from his journey. The quadcopter sits on a plastic holder which grips the large body of the copter very tightly, on top of that is a smaller plastic holder this one is giving support to the 4 propellers, all packaging is very well presented and well protected.
In order to fly this monster some assembly is required first:-

The propellors need to be connected to the quadcopters arms by the gear linkages.
Get the gear linkages and push them through the small hole in the arm.
Attach the propellers
Attach the propellers
Attach the camera
Attach the stand

Underneath that is a medium sized bag with 4 extra propellers, a screwdriver, a bag of screws for the propellers, a bag of screws for the camera, an SD card, a very large battery and a USB charging cable.
Overall a professional looking and very well packaged quadcopter.    


The battery for this monster quad takes 1 hour to charge from USB but you do get a slightly longer flight time of 9 minutes instead of the 7. This copter is very hard to fly and as such i dont recommend it for a beginner, it takes a lot of concentration to keep the quadcopter in the air.  As it flies about i feel it would benefit from having slightly better motors as it moves well but feels under a lot of stress.
The camera and motorised moveable gimbal is an excellent idea and one that works very well on this quad, with its 2.0 Megapixel camera the videos and photos are very clear it doesn’t suffer from jello either.   When i tested the transmitter range i was fortunate to get the quad up to 150meter but it is rated to go 300Meters, as i cannot test that all i can say is at 150meters it still responded very well to the controls.
When the battery finally gave out the quad came back to earth with a thud and one of the stands snapped, so care will be needed and also a stopwatch.

Overall 9.0/10

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JJRC H26D 3MP Wide Angle HD 4CH 2.4G 6-Axis Gyro Headless Mode One Key Return RC Quadcopter Drone White

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