Sunday, 25 September 2016

GizmoVine MJX 6-AXIS GYRO Quadcopter X401H - A Professional, Sturdy Drone with Altitude Hold and FPV


This package arrived very quickly and was in excellent condition, when i opened it up i was greeted with a very stylish looking quadcopter.   To the right of the copter is the transmitter this isn’t secured and a quick tug will dislodge it from its housing. The Quadcopter has 4 ties holding it down these can be removed from the underneath of the packaging, even with the ties removed the copter will require a slight tug to be set free.   
There are 4 accessory bags, 3 accessible from the top of the packaging, 1 which is accessed via the underneath, these contain:-

  1. USB charger
  2. spare rotor blades
  3. screwdriver
  4. landing skids
  5. screws
  6. transmitter analogue controller sticks   

I was quite surprised to find the battery is built into the quadcopter so there are a 3 cables pertruding out of the bottom of the quad, 1 is used for charging the battery and the other 2 connect together to make a positive connection to the battery to enable to quadcopter to power up.
As this quadcopter is FPV ready (using your phone as a display) there is no SD card slot as your phone's memory will be used.  
The standard time to charge this quad is 40 minutes using the USB cable provided, flight time is rated at 8 minutes.


After plugging the battery in, turning the transmitter on and using my phone as a recording device for the FPV the flight can start.  The take off is very smooth and as the copter has built in altitude hold it quickly gets to its altitude and stays there making it a great time to plan its course.   One point I notice soon after take off is the motors are very quiet, probably the quietest I have experienced in a quad.
The copters movements are very controlled and there isn’t much slipping or sliding while turning corners or following a mid air racing track.   The further i fly this away from me i notice exactly how bright the LEDs are making it so easy to see at distance.  The copter managed to fly the full length of a football pitch and i had enough control using the transmitter to bring it back to me.

Quadcopter Features

Altitude hold
FPV (via smartphone app)
Headless Mode
One Key Return
3D Flip and tricks
High and Low Speed changer
The ability to use FPV 3D Glasses (sold separatley)

With all the good points there are bound to be some bad too, the worst part of this copter is the battery only gives you 8 minutes of flight time and for such a fun copter isn’t enough, i would like to see it maybe come with another battery that could be replaced as the flight video took me 2 days to film as i had to come home to charge the battery again.  That being said i would still recommend this copter for anyone as its easy to fly for beginners but also offers some advanced features for the more intermediate/advanced flyers

Overall 8.5/10

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GizmoVine MJX 6-axis GYRO Quadcopter X401H


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