Tuesday, 13 September 2016



A lot like the JJRC H26D this quadcopter is no different when it comes to the professional packaging and layout.  Inside the box is a small partially assembled quad with its accessory bag, transmitter, landing skids and propellers.  Once the propellers and the landing skirts are attached your almost ready for the pre-flight checks.   Next look under the top flap and you will find the battery, this will need charging for 45 minutes, once the charging has completed you will need to attach the battery pin connector.

The transmitter is of standard design, 2 analogue sticks and 4 trim buttons that slide left to right, a video and photo button on the shoulders.  At the bottom of the controller is a standard LCD screen that gives information relating to the battery, photo or video mode, and how much pressure is being put on the analogue sticks


The quadcopter is a great flyer that is very light and very stable it is also great at stunts, although i would remember to keep the copter at a high enough height that ensures when stunts are performed it won’t drop too much and hit the floor.  This quad can even be flow at dusk as its LEDs are very bright and can be seen easily, it glides through the air and i would recommend to a beginner.  The build quality is very high as we have seen before with JJRC copters, on a downside the propellers are quite flimsy and the battery charge doesn’t last that long my experience was 6minutes which is a little under the standard 7 minutes we can expect with other copters of this size.

Overall 9/10

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JJRC H5P Quadcopter 4 CH 6 Axis Gyro 2.4GHz RC Drone with 2.0MP HD Camera Headless Mode/CF Mode One Key to Return 3D Eversion LED Light - Black

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