Sunday, 11 September 2016

Syma X5SC-1


After removing the brown delivery packaging what lies inside is an expensive looking matt black cardboard box.  Inside that is a very glossy orange Syma Quadcopter and standard black transmitter sat inside its polysterene bed.  Underneath that is a small bag with 4 extra propellers, a screwdriver and a USB charging cable.
Overall a professional looking and very well packaged quadcopter.       


In order to fly the copter you will need to charge the quadcopters battery using the USB cable provided for 1 hour and fit the transmitter with 4 x ‘AA’ batteries.  Once all the pre-flight checks have been completed you will be ready for take-off, the copter is quite light and handles well, as long as there is no wind or breeze.  If there is, the quadcopter will sway slightly and a bit of trim will need to be used to ensure you dont loose control.   
Attached to the bottom of the copter is a 2.0 Megapixel camera which is capable of taking video and photos, the camera is held on by a small clip which can be pushed and the camera released.  Once recorded the video is shockingly  steady and without jelly.
Overall i am very impressed with this copter from its packaging and delivery all the way through to the flight.       


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