Saturday, 10 September 2016

Review of Syma X5C-1


Syma are known for good quality quadcopters and the packaging is exactly the same.  The £40 quadcopter comes with packaging that would reflect a more expensive device. Inside the box, the polystyrene moulding is rigid and holds the copter well, the transmitter is lying to the right and the accessories which includes spare propellers and a USB charger is stuck underneath.      


In order to fly the copter you will need to charge the quadcopters battery using the USB cable provided for 1 hour and fit the transmitter with 4 x ‘AA’ batteries.  Once all the pre-flight checks have been completed you will be ready for take-off, the copter is very light and handles extremely well so much so it doesn’t seem to be affected by wind.  Landing the copter is tricky at first as the motors cut out before the analogue stick is in a neutral position, but a beginner should get used to it quickly.  From the 1 hour charge you will get 8 minutes of flight time, spare batteries can be ordered and I would recommend you having them as this copter is serious fun.

Overall 8.5/10

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