Tuesday, 11 October 2016

JJRC H20 Nano Hexacopter - A Solid, Capable and Fun drone


This packaging on this hexacopter is small and quite basic, inside there is a plastic insert with the copter sitting in with the nano transmitter along side it.   Inside the package you get:-

1 x Hexacopter
1 x Transmitter
1 x Accessory bag including 6 spare propellers and a USB charging cable.
1 x Manual
1 x Battery

This copter is a hexacopter, meaning it has 6 propellers unlike the standard 4 found on a quadcopter so you not only get the 6 propellers already attached to the propeller arm but you also get another 6 as spares, these can be found in the accessory bag as detailed above.  The battery is located attached to the bottom of the copter inside a small plastic cage, it appears to fit quite snuggly and does require a bit of pressure to remove.   
Charging time is approx 45 - 50 minutes and flight time comes in at 11 minutes.


This is my first hexacopter I have flown and I am very impressed with the copters stability and cornering ability, the extra 2 propellers certainly make a big difference.   While the copter zooms around i notice it isn't affected by wind that much which does surprise me quite a bit as the copter is extremely light but im putting this down to the fact it has an extra 2 propellers.  After I have brought id down for its first landing one of the propellers drops off not surprising really when you consider they aren’t screwed in, i pop the propeller back on and take to the skies again.
Overall i am very satisfied with this copter, if you are looking for a fun, strange looking copter then i would recommend this. 

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