Sunday, 9 October 2016

Hubsan H111 Nano Q4 - The world's smallest quadcopter!


The package is small with a tiny plastic window which gives you a view of the quadcopter, there is a small amount of sellotape holding the box shut.  With that removed and the box opened the contents are as follows:-

1 x Quadcopter 
1 x Transmitter
1 x Accessory bag which includes 4 x spare propellers and a USB charger.

The drone is fixed to the cardboard holder with 4 very small elastic bands, this requires some skill to remove as with too much force the quadcopter may snap.


Once the quadcopter has had its 45 minute charge it is ready to fly, just add 2 x ‘AAA’ batteries (not included) to the transmitter then you are ready to go.  Bind the copter to the transmitter by moving the accelerator analogue stick (left one) up and down once each way now you can take off.  First impressions are good, the copter is very quick but stable and after the first crash landing things get easier, i found that outside with no wind or breeze it controls very easily with a max transmitter range of approx 30 feet.   A hard landing may cause the propellers to fall off as they are not screwed on, make sure when you put them back on that you put them on the right motor or the copter won’t take off.
Total flight time was around 15 minutes which is rated higher than the estimated time for this copter, overall a great little drone if you are after a nano.

Overall 7.5/10 

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