Sunday, 23 October 2016

MJX X600 Hexacopter Drone - Soaked in Design, Fast, Agile and Cheap


The first thing you will notice about this hexacopter is the size of the cardboard packaging, it is huge! Inside the box is a polystyrene case and inside that is the copter.  In order to get access to the transmitter you will need to turn over the polystyrene lid and carefully remove the sellotape holding it in.  Once they are removed the transmitter will pop out, it requires 3 x ‘AA’ batteries that need to be fully charged before hand as the transmitter does not allow charging itself.   Alongside the transmitter you will find a small accessory bag containing the following:-

6 x spare propellers 
1 x set of landing sprigs
1 x USB charger
1 x set of small screws (loose)

In order to land this drone properly you will need to use the 4 x screws provided and attach the landing sprigs, once done you only need to attach the propeller guards then you are all assembled.   The final part is to charge the battery, now because of its size and it being charged by USB it will take 1-2 hours to fully charge, that will give you a 10 minute flight. 


This is certainly the most complicated drone i have ever flown but that doesn’t make it any less enjoyable.  Right from the off this drone requires a slight configuration before a stable flight is possible, on the transmitter there is a small dial (Throttle Limit), this needs to be set to ‘0’ in order to take off properly.  Once in the air this dial can be moved to the 1/2 setting giving the hexacopter more power, so be careful when this is moved.   The hexacopter is stable, very very stable and so much fun to fly the battery gives you a very fun 10 minutes of flight time in normal weather, if there is a slight breeze then this will be more like 8 minutes.



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