Wednesday, 12 October 2016

JJRC H31 Waterproof Sport Quadcopter - Fun, Waterproof but too light.


The package is made from very thick and heavy cardboard this ensures the quadcopter isn’t damaged in transit.  After a few minutes trying to get the box open (lots of sellotape) i was greated with double decker type layers that hold the drone, transmitter and accessory bags which contain the following:-

1 bag of 4 x propellers, screws, 1 x usb charger and 1 x screwdriver
1 bag of 4 x propeller guards and 2 x landing skids 
1 bag with 1 x pair of sunglasses

Once i had screwed in the 2 landing skids (which is quite tricky) the quadcopter was built, on this occasion i haven’t attached the propeller guards.  The propellers are made of a very durable type of plastic which would mean they won’t get damaged if the quadcopter was to fall out of the sky and crash.


The start of the flight was quite shaky as the quadcopter is very light for one of its size, fortunately the slight breeze didn’t affect it too much but this was mostly down to using some trim to balance the copter out.  
As this particular model doesn’t come with a camera (although one can be bought separately) i decided to attach my 720p R/C Run Cam, i found the copter benefitted from the extra weight.  Its cornering was much tighter and more balanced, although expect the battery to run down much quicker.
The waterproof aspect of the copter came in good use during the test flight as the grass was wet with dew, the battery cavity remained bone dry at all times.
Overall this waterproof sports quadcopter is fun but isn’t one to be flown with a slight breeze as control is a bit of an issue.

Overall 6/10

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