Saturday, 29 October 2016

Tec.Bean X902 Nano Quadcopter Drone Flight Test Review - Inverted Propellers, Insectoid Looks


This nano quadcopters packaging is very neat and tidy, once opened the box contains the following:-

1 x Quadcopter
1 x Accessory bag which contains 4 x spare propellers and 1 x USB charge cable
1 x Manual
1 x Transmitter

This nano drone looks unique as its propellers are inverted giving the drone a push operation and not a standard pull, this is the first of its kind i have seen and it really does stand out.
With this being a nano quadcopter there is not a lot of room for a battery, you will find it nested within a plastic cage underneath the copter.   It doesn’t come out so don’t apply pressure to remove it, although there is a small cable that pokes out for charging purposes.  Care will need to be taken with this cable as it is quite flimsy and would probably break easily.


I started to fly this copter in the same way as I would any other one, that was a mistake as with the inverted propellers this gave the quad A LOT of lift very very quickly.  Once the quad was safely back on the floor I then went about applying a small amount of pressure to the left analogue stick and the drone started to lift very slowly giving me much more control over its path.   Cornering this quad is a breeze so she will respond very quickly, that being said i found it better to not apply more power when turning and just let her ride the breeze of her own accord.
Any bump to the quadcopter will cause the plastic body to fall off which could cause some damage so care is required when landing this drone.  Another thing i noticed was the underside LED protector came loose form its screw and this had to be repaired before it would fly properly.


Overall 5/10         

POSITIVES = Stylish design, Inverted propellers mean tight control for cornering, LEDs are very bright making it easy to see   

NEGATIVES = Far too much low end power, body casing keeps coming off, LED protector kept coming loose, plastic is very flimsy.

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